There is no “m” in Japanese!
Only Ma Mi Mu Me Mo!
ま み む め も

So, again, it is senpai, not sempai.
Not semapai. Not semipai. Not semupai. Not semepai. Not semopai either.

Thank you.

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    It would be Ra Ri Ru Re Ro らりるれろ
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    Finally, someone said it. I thought I was the only person who knew this.
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  6. infinite-scratch said: THANK YOU SEMPAI!
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    Thank you.
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    I know :U Is a vidya game reference
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    There’s no L in japanese either :V
  13. askpoorlydrawnpony said: Oh k doe key Fiddle Sempai. :U (Sorry Fiddle-dono. ;u;)
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    Yes! Thank you, Fiddle!
  16. jaxcam said: I learned in Japanese class that sometimes the N converts to an M, but I have no idea why or how, I just know that sometimes it does. And don’t tell me my Japanese teacher was wrong, she is a 67 year old Japanese woman born and raised in Japan.
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  20. zedrin-maybe said: I’m aware I just use sempai cause it rustles some people such as yourself ^w^
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