You claim to not have much time at hand to do updates, but it seems you have time enough to do Livestreams, Play games with other mods and Slack off with others. I demand an Update.

imageI did a one hour livestream yesterday because I haven’t been able to draw for a week (an update would take several hours because I work slow), I haven’t played any games (except some Mario Kart 7 I guess) in 3 or 4 weeks and I’m not slacking off, I’m doing schoolwork. Mostly.

I’ll TRY getting an update out this week(end) but I really really really can’t guarantee that’ll happen.

  1. viola-strum said: (Hey anons, back off, the mod isn’t lying, he’s got a ton of real life stuff he’s needed to take care of, and yesterday’s Livestream was the first one he’s done in a while! He’s also been out of town a few days and what not, so just take a chill pill. It’s not like you’re…
  2. asktracyflash said: Even so, what you decide to do with your time is your business and yours alone. People shouldn’t even question it if you say you don’t have time :/
  3. lenbow said: wat a butt anon. It’s not like you owe people updates.
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